Terms & Conditions

You have to be over 21 years old to hire a motorboat with proof of identification.

You have to be over 16 years old to hire a rowing boat.

Minors are not permitted to hire or navigate any hire craft at any time.

Parent or guardian must assume full responsibility for any minors aboard hire craft.

You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise when hiring or driving a boat.

Once you have hired the vessel and john Logie motorboats takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to the hire vessel or other craft on the river.

A cash deposit must be left by each hirer.

The John Logie motorboats management have the right to refuse a hire at their own discretion.

The hirer is in charge of the craft and is responsible for its safe navigation and must pay for any loss or damage however and by whoever incurred.

Period of hire is to be considered as from time on the receipt until acceptance of craft by owner at their premises.

Environment agency bye-laws must be observed at all times.(click the link below.)


Motorboats must not be navigated in   A way that will inconvenience or endanger other river uses.

Hire craft must be kept on the main river at all times.

As indicated on the dash of the motorboats.
Swimming is not permitted from any hire craft at any time, if this rule is not adhered to the person braking it will have to take full responsibility for their actions and john Logie motorboats does not accept any liability for injury that may occur as a result.

The engine and fuel tank must not be touched at any time.

People that wish to go on the boat ride must all disembark from the point at where they hire the boat,
And in turn must disembark from the same point, anyone that wishes to ignore this does so at their own risk.

No smoking at any time on any boat.

A boat that is returned late will be charged pro rata accordingly.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on any boat at any time.

It’s the sole responsibility of the hirer to up hold the rules set out in the terms and conditions of hire
John Logie motorboats takes zero tolerance policy towards any persons that break the terms and conditions of hire, any breaking of the T’s & C’s may result in the termination of hire without refund.
Wasting our time and your money.

Above all please have fun and be safe.